Mailout has been replaced by SmartMail Pro

Please be aware that as of Friday 10/05/2013 Mailout has been decommissioned.

Our client service team have endeavoured to contact all active Mailout clients during the migration process which took place between February and April 2013. All Mailout clients wishing to retain a relationship with Jericho Digital Communications have been moved to SmartMail PRO.

SmartMail PRO is web-based software that sits on the most capable and robust back end platform yet. Capable of powering the largest global email campaigns, SmartMail PRO also works simply for smaller self service teams and full service clients alike.  An easy to use tool-kit that will fully equip you for best practice email marketing, now, and as your requirements grow.

If you have any questions, we are here to assist you, please call 03 8612 6878 or

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